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Happy 61st Birthday James Patrick Page!

Today I decided to make an apron in a style very approriate for today, and then I baked a cake and managed not to burn down my house!

nothing like homemade cake, though honestly i barely eat it, i just like making it.

technically you can use a miker, but because i dont work well with that form of technology, and i happened to be listening to Fool In The Rain at the time, i don't mind beating it by hand! :)

and the twins go into the oven...for what seems like forever.

this is before my brother attacked me with a spoon and i almost killed the cake...

and the finished product!!! (6 candles for the 10s, 1 candle for the 1s. i can trouble shoot!)

now all i need is Pagey's address and I can deliever it!
But my father said that he would never allow Mr. Page to see this, as he would "never inflict such pain on the best guitarist of all time."

oh well!
more cake for us!

I hope you all have a great day! Make it a good one, party up!

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